Services - Residential, Commercial, Worship and Remodeling

Offering the finest in value-added construction services, Signature routinely provides proven project delivery methods including Design-Build, Construction Management, and General Contracting services. Though Signature performs conventional General Contracting (design-bid-build) services, the company's Design-Build and Construction Management processes continually deliver the greatest value to owners. Through utilization of our company's knowledge, track record and relationships, clients secure control of costs, schedule and quality from inception through construction. Signatures' innovative brand of services continually meets the needs of their clients to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Offering unmatched expertise in Design-Build, Signature leads both the design and construction teams to provide single-source responsibility and accountability from project inception to completion. Early on, Signature monitors cost implications of design decisions to assure budget and schedule compliance and makes recommendations to ensure the final product will meet the owner’s objectives. Further, Signature addresses constructability issues in advance of construction to ensure a smoother flow in the building process. Often, portions of the work (such as site development, long lead items, etc.) are contracted prior to completion of the design, thus allowing an earlier occupancy date. This fast-track approach permits Signature to expedite the project by compressing the overall schedule and avoids costly re-design and delays frequently encountered in the conventional design-bid-build process.

Construction Management

In the Construction Management approach, Signature becomes part of the team with the Architect and Owner early in the design phase. From the outset, Signature provides state-of-the-art support and leadership to achieve the Owner’s goals regarding quality, schedule and budget. During the design development phase, Signature offers conceptual estimates and value enhancement services. Signature also evaluates systems and materials to ensure compliance with the Owner’s budget and schedule objectives, and makes recommendations, when necessary, that will not affect the quality or functionality of the building. Following conceptual design, Signature will continue to offer input and feedback regarding the project budget and schedule.

Signatures Construction Management approach also allows the project to be fast-tracked. Signature can compress the schedule when portions of the work (such as site development, long lead items, etc.) are contracted prior to completion of the design, thus allowing an earlier occupancy date. The transition from design to construction requires complete bid coverage of all segments of the project and award of the work to qualified tradesmen. Over the years, Signature has developed excellent trade contractor relationships to ensure that our clients are provided the most qualified craftsmen available.

General Contracting

In those instances where architectural design has already been completed and the Owner requires a fixed price for construction, Signature is fully capable of providing that service. Based on its years of experience, Signature will develop through competitive subcontractor bidding and a thorough examination of the drawings a fixed price to the Owner for the completion of their project. Through a complete review of the plans and a good understanding of the Owner’s needs, Signature will look for omissions and layout the costs of those omissions, wherever possible, prior to contracting with the Owner in an effort to avoid costly change orders that neither Signature nor the Owner desire. In addition, Signature will offer, where appropriate, suggestions for adjustments to the drawings and specifications, which if approved, result in a savings to the Owner.